To put it succinctly, losing weight has been a dream that many want to achieve. Losing weight is like a battle fought towards a healthy life. Losing weight will be a bitter journey, but like any dark chocolate, it always has a sweet aftertaste in the end. The most important thing in a journey to lose weight is DETERMINATION. Determination is what keeping you consistent.  If you don’t have the determination, you need to search for it. Try to reflect what started you on this journey; use that as a motivation and Voila! You will succeed.

The next most important thing in this journey is your INTENTION. If you started this journey for that sake of being beautiful, you might as well stop your journey, because to pursue something with that line of thought is to pursue something that is temporary and will only bring you more harm than good. You need to calibrate that intention towards becoming healthy. Being healthy is what all of us should aim. In a simple but yet very compact nutshell, if you want to start exercising to lose weight, make sure that these two; determinations and the right intention. With these two in your hands, you can overcome and hardship that you face in the process anytime and with at ease.

May the force be with you

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